Noël Picaper -
N° ordre des architectes :  086450

(+33) 6 59 96 78 78



Onomiau (Office for Nomadic Architecture)
is a pop primitive architectural and design practice
created in 2019 by Noël Picaper. Based currently in Paris,
the studio experiments a playful and relaxed style of spatial interventions
that at the same time respects the symbolism of primitive architecture,
constantly trying to explore new ways of architectural production.

Noël Picaper worked at
Junya Ishigami in 2017 (Tokyo)
and at l’AUC in 2018 (Paris).

Noël Picaper est un architecte français.
Ses créations se positionnent
à la croisée de plusieurs disciplines.
Elles dressent le portrait d’un monde
fait de paysages ludiques et oniriques
où l’humain et son milieu biologique
cohabitent harmonieusement.


  • winner of the “warming huts competition”. The pavilion Droombok was built in January 2020 (Winnipeg)

  • 1st Prize “central glass international design competition”, jury : Hiroshi Naito, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (atelier bow-wow), Kengo Kuma, Jun Aoki, Satoshi Takayama, Tadao Kamei, Goichi Kamochi, with M. Jamault (Tokyo)
  • winner of “mulhouse métamorphoses - art installation” (Mulhouse)
  • 2nd PrizeEmbellir Paris”, collab. Un1on, F. Revel (Paris)

  • 1st Prize45th nisshin kogyo architectural design competition”, jury : Ryue Nishiziwa, Akihisa Hirata, Yasutaka Yoshimura, Tatsuya Hatori, Ryuji Fujimura, with M. Jamault (Tokyo)
  • winner of the “cool garden competition” (Winnipeg)
  • winner of the “festival des architectures vives” (Montpellier)

  • honorable mention “44th nisshin kogyo architectural design competition”, jury : Masaharu Rokushika, Koh Kitayama, Tomohiko Yamanashi, Kumiko Inui, Go Hasegawa, Kimitaka Sohdai (Tokyo)

  • 1st Prize16th shelter international architectural design competition”, jury: Sou Fujimoto, Tom Heneghan, Senhiko Nakata, Nobuaki Fuyuya, Maki Onishi and Yuki Hyakuda (O+H architects) with H. Bertrand (Tokyo)

  • honorable mention, “AWA - coworking spaces under a bridge”, (Porto)

  • honorable mention “14th shelter international architectural design competition”, jury president : Go Hasegawa,  with G. Figueiredo (Tokyo)

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